Gongjinhyang:Mi Luxury Lipstick Set (#15 Rose)

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The History of Whoo's Mi presents a collection of makeup for the prestige. This elegant makeup line helps bring out the utmost beautiful appearance of the user, while the Korean herbal extracts found in the formulas strengthens and conditions the face. This magnificent makeup line reinterprets the natural beauty secrets of the royal family for the modern times, delivering a flawless and perfectly alluring look that stays in place all day. 

Luxurious anti-aging lipstick glides on with a luminous sheen, instantly defining and moisturising the lips.  The delicate shades reveal brilliant color and provides long-lasting finish.


Whoo Gongjinhyang: Mi Luxury Lipstick #15 Rose

Whoo Gongjinhyang: Mi Mini Luxury Lip Gloss

Apply directly from the tip to define the lips.