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The First Ampoule Advanced 2pc Set

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Special skin care line invigorates lifeless skin for optimal anti-aging effects with patented Stem Cell Technology from the world-renowned CHA Biotech, global research institute for stem cell research and LG Household and Health Care.

Formulated with recombinant stem cell culture fluid and other premium ingredients.  This is the perfect solution for complete anti-aging skin care.


OHUI The First Geniture Ampoule Advanced 40ml + 20ml
OHUI The First Cell Essential Source 40ml
OHUI The First Skin Softener 20ml
OHUI The First Emulsion 20ml
OHUI The First Cream Intensive 7ml
OHUI The First 4 Color Lip Palette
- NEW Rouge Real RW15
- Rouge Real CW10 (One More Peach)
- Rouge Real OW11 (Buyout Orange)
- Rouge Real OW12 (Orange Crush)

After cell source, apply to skin in the morning and evening.

  • Signature 29 Cell ™
  • Essence of vital energy
  • peony extract
  • Transkin EGF/hGF™