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WHOO Bichup Jasaeng Yechan 3pc Set


The History of Whoo's one-step solution essence for troubled aging skin, Bichup Jasaeng Essence is Korea's best selling wrinkle improvement essence for 6 consecutive years. This unique formula helps promote self-regeneration of healthy skin. The result is the appearance of overall healthy skin that looks rejuvenated, firm, and lifted.

3 main secrets of royal court formula

  • GongJinBiDan
    Increases elasticity
    Superior medicine for preventing all kinds of diseases by harmonizing the body energy and blood
  • GyeongOkBiDan
    Reduces the size of pores Moisturizing effects
    Medicine for longevity by protecting the mind, energy, and soul
  • CheongSimBiDan
    Soothing effects
    Detoxifying medicine that relieves the heat and tension of the heart and blood vessels

This special set contains the best-selling Whoo anti-aging essence that adds vitality to dull and tired skin by promoting self-regeneration.

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