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Su:m37 Secret 3pc Set


A highly concentrated gel-type toner formulated with 23-yearlong fermented ingredients such as a Georgian fermented grape solution and Royal Mastic Resin maximizes skin resilience and strengthens elasticity of the skin.


This Set Contains:

Secret Repair Toner 150 ml

Secret Repair Emulsion 120 ml

Secret Repair Concentrated Cream 20 ml

Secret Repair Toner (Deluxe Sample) 20 ml

Secret Repair Emulsion (Deluxe Sample) 20 ml

Secret Essence (Deluxe Sample) 12 ml

Skin Saver Foam (Deluxe Sample) 40ml

Secret Eye Cream (Deluxe Sample) 6ml

Secret Repair Concentrated Cream (Deluxe Sample) 10 ml

A highly concentrated toner penetrates into the skin deeply like a gel essence and activates the skin elastic band, improving skin elasticity.

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