Deep Moist Body 2pc Set

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Deep Moist Body Shower Cream + Deep Moisture Body Emulsion

The best-selling Deep Moisture Body line is formulated with Rice milkTM, Honey, and Olive extract to deliver deep hydration to your body and keeps your body moisturized up to 24 hours. Infused with delightful soft musk scent. 

  • Eco-farming complexTM : Harvested the main ingredients(Calendula flower, Alchemilla Vulgaris, and Althaea Officinalis) without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides for three years.
  • Formulated with naturally hydrating ingredients such as Rice milkTM, Olive extract, and honey to deliver instant long-lasting hydration to your body without irritating your skin.

* No.1 product among Beyond body care

* Sold 1 bottle per 1 minute

* 24 hour lasting moisturizing effects

* Signature body care line since its launching in 2005

* Delicate and feminine white musk fragrance