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WHOO Bichup 3 STEP Moisture Anti-Aging Mask (5pc)


The soft microfiber mask sheet (Step 1) contains 1/3 bottle of Whoo's Soonhwan First Care Moisture Anti-aging Essence for a concentrated treatment that is absorbed quickly and helps with skin circulation. The package also includes a packette of the Self-Generating Anti-Aging Ja Saeng Essence (Step 2) as well as a packette of the Ja Yoon Cream (Step 3). It is a complete solution that provides anti-aging benefits, restoring the skin to a healthy state through improved circulation and regeneration for a revitalized, healthy glow.

    • Bichup line
    • Anti-aging
    • Mask

A complete anti-aging 3-step mask package that provides all the benefits of Whoo's Bichup line in one. It improves skin circulation, provides moisture and adds vitality to the skin, bringing out a healthy glow from within.

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