CNP Anti-Pore Clear Serum

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CNP is the new innovative brand for genuine anti-aging care. Based on the brand philosophy of ‘Real Experience’ to provide a true experience of skin improvement, CNP has been created by integrating truly efficacious ingredients and unparalleled technology to offer innovative skin care solutions.

Effective pore contraction of Pore AD, developed by CNP
(Pore cleansing + contraction)
The Pore AD ingredient treats primarily keratin and pores, controls the differentiation of pores to lift and contract loose pores.

CNP Sebo-less controls sebum and greasy skin
(Excessive sebum and oil control)

At the final step of your skincare regimen or before makeup, pump a moderate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture.

(If you want, reapply a small amount to local areas (t-zone, around the nose).