su:m37° is a luxury brand of naturally fermented cosmetics, which contains energy from nature. su:m37° means to breathe in Korean, life’s most vital function. Amazingly, 37°C is the optimal human body temperature and the most ideal temperature for fermentation.

su:m37˚ Concept

su:m37° is for those who pursue a happy balance of ecological life, beauty, and health.

su:m37˚ Technology

86 varieties of seasonal plants are gathered throughout the four seasons. The roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits are expertly selected, then fermented separately by parts. Fermentation takes place in su:m37°’s Natural Fermentation Research Institute located in a pristine mountainous area surrounded by fresh air and nature. A combination of optimum temperature of 37°C, and precise humidity levels are used to perfect the fermentation process. Then the formula is aged for at least a year. When the fermentation process is complete, rigorous filtering takes place in the final stage so that only the best ingredients are used to create the remarkable proprietary Cytosis formula, the life of su:m37°.