Cosmetics making healthy skin as much as applied.
This is the philosophy of CNP Cosmetics that considers health of skin
the most important.


Global dermacosmetics
Making and launching cosmetics based on ‘the formula that has been loved by patients’,
it is beloved by many people who suffer from skin troubles regarded as safe and credible cosmetics.


• CNP skin specialists directly take part in research and development of product from its planning stage with their know-how.
• It is skin-friendly cosmetics made with safe and appropriate ingredients which are strictly selected.
• The cosmetics go through several tests and verification stages such as ingredients test, efficacy test, irritation test, and interior and exterior evaluation.
• We minimize stimulation of skin by using mild and skin frriendly ingredients.
• We unsparingly invest in getting better base materials, ingredients, and efficacy for skin, instead of investing on making splendid containers.